In LIMA'S GLASS Studio workshop we invite the customer to take active part in the new projects, learning about the shapes and the colours. The creative process is the result of the customer preferences and ideas combined with technical and aesthetic concepts. We believe every shape and colour has its own vibration and identity, the same as the human being. In this context, the customer finds an unknown inner world that is brought to light through the artistic creation in glass, displayed in your house.


Glass is an inorganic, homogeneous and amorphous material, obtained by the coolness of a liquid substance to the silica base. In its pure form, glass is a transparent cold metallic oxide, highly solid, inert and biologically inactive. It can be manufactured in smooth waterproof surfaces. These properties allow different usages.

"Design pieces determined where creativity is the ultimate goal"


Isabel Lima

Glass ... stimulates the imagination, makes the connection between culture and nature, means transparency. Those who can see through things understand the basics!

Madalena Lima

Portuguese artist who works the glass in an experimental way exploring the limits, effects and specific characteristics of glass fusion. Hence flows the creativity as a spontaneous act.


The invention of glass was an important step in the history of mankind. Its qualities, such as transparency, translucency, brightness and versatility for numerous practical and aesthetic usages, turn glass into an imperative material for artistic creativity. Nowadays, art in glass is creative and contemporary. It brings new languages and ideas, based on research, experience and creation. Works of art made of glass are one of many forms of art communication and are expanding worldwide.